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Advertisement, listings, and email broadcast - Terms & Conditions

Email Design Services is a division of Worldwide Web Management Ltd Limited (a company incorporated in the UK, company number 08660127).

Companies seeking quotations for design work via this website warrant that to the best of their belief and knowledge the information they provide is true and accurate.

Quotations for email designs services provided via this website are valid for 30 days. Bookings are valid only on receipt of a signed conformation order and payment of the design fee.

Such signed confirmations constitute binding contracts between the Weblishers Ltd Limited and signee (client) according to the terms and conditions here set out, to be construed according to the laws of England.

The client is solely responsible for submitting to Email Design Services suitable copy and illustrations and artwork not later than 60 days after receipt by us of a signed confirmation of booking. Failure to provide such copy, illustrations and artwork within 60 days invalidates the contract although no amounts are refundable.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the client warrants that all information supplied to us about its firm, its services and about anybody who works in or has dealings with its firm, is accurate and does not breach the copyright or other legal rights of any individual or corporation. Further, the advertiser agrees to indemnify us against any loss which may arise from claims concerning any inaccuracy, libellous statement or breach of legal rights contained in the information it has supplied.

The advertiser also warrants that any information supplied to us, to the best of its knowledge and belief, is free from any viruses or other content which is detrimental to the technical operation of our IT systems or emails.

Should the client wish to change the style, nature or content of any newsletter to include additional or different features than indicated in its quotation, we reserve the right to charge additional amounts, provided a quotation for the additional work is first agreed with the client.

Without limitation, we reserve the right to remove from emails any information which we reasonably believe to be inaccurate, untrue, libellous, obscene, or a breach of copyright.

We provide proofs of designs. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to verify that proofs are free from errors or inaccuracies of any nature and to inform us of any such errors or inaccuracies as soon as practicable and in any case no later than within three days of receiving the proof.

The client warrants that it will protect the integrity of any password or passwords provided by us that allow it to gain access to pages, and will not disclosed that or those passwords to third parties or otherwise allow them unauthorised access to those pages.

Confirmed bookings for email design services may be cancelled prior to our commencing work on the design, in which event 50 per cent of the agreed fee will be payable. Once design work has been commenced, the agreed amount is payable in full.

Once proofs have been agreed, Worldwide Web Management Limited and Email Design Services accept no liability for the content or design of emails

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